There are five simple changes you can make to your diet to make major changes in your health. Celebrity trainer and author, Raphael Velazquez, explains.

There are a few simple changes you can make to your diet that will help get your body back on track after a long pandemic year.

Raphael Raphael Velazquez is a certified strength and conditioning specialist who not only helps get celebrities back in shape, but has even written a book about it, Core Fitness: Your Best Shape, Looking and Feeling Great.

He gave me five easy food changes to help hit your health goals – starting with hydration. 

  • Hydrate
    Hydrating well is essential for many reasons. We are made up of 60-70% of water, at times we think we are hungry when we are truly thirsty. 
  • Eat Moderately
    Eat until  you are satisfied, not until you are full. By the time that you are satisfied, the food you’ve consumed has not been broken down to its simplest form, yet the body is sending signals in the form of hormones that it is satiated. The most important meal is “Breaking Fast.” Sleep for 7-8 hours and then having your first meal is breaking you fast. Look at breaking fast as the first meal had after any given amount of time has elapsed. Giving exactly what the body needs to fuel it properly is key to your metabolism kicking in and allowing you to attain your nutrition goals. 
  • Ask yourself, Does this benefit my goals and the vision of myself?
    Drop the Twinkie and grab some fruit when you want to snack on something. Give your body nutritious food/snacks to benefit your 2021 changes.
  • Eat perishable food
    Buying and eating perishable food means that you’re eating less processed foods and will ensure that you eat what you’ve bought so that it does not go bad and you waste money. Added bonus: Many of us need to stretch our dollars during these financially challenging times.
  • Be aware of what’s triggering your hunger
    Use the senses you have: Smell, Taste, Sight, and Hearing. What can be making you salivate and desiring food is smelling, seeing, or hearing food that you like or that is intriguing. When tasting, you can be loving what you’re eating. That gluttony may take over and you may want to go overboard with it. Stick to the script, eat until satiated and keep it moving.

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