Cheddar cheese – is a sharp cow’s milk cheese and is one of the most common cheeses all over the world. It is most popular in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. You can easily find cheddar cheese blocks or slices in almost every store.

Originally discovered in a small English village, called Cheddar, the cheese was a happy accident like many other kinds of cheese. According to the most common narrative, back in the 1100s during the hot season a milkmaid left a pail of milk in a cave to keep it cool and forgot about it. When she returned the milk had hardened, and its colour changed to a golden shade, and is know what we know now as ‘Cheddar Cheese’. Ever since its origin it has remained one of the most popular cheeses around the world.

As more cheddar cheese was produced, it also began to vary in colour. The colour difference naturally started occurring due to the time of year or grazing habits of the cows. So, to give Cheddar a consistent colour, farmers began to add annatto seed. Hence the classic orange hue became the ideal colour for cheddar cheese.

Determined by age, pasteurization, coating and cultures, there are various types of cheddar cheese with different tastes and textures. The flavour ranges from mild to sharp. Younger cheddars have a milder flavour, gradually becoming stronger with age.

Healthy Benefit of Cheddar Cheese

We all know cheese is an excellent source of calcium and protein. Like many other kinds of cheese, semi-hard cheddar cheese also has many health benefits.

Eating 1.5 ounces of cheddar per day can fulfil one-third of the recommended daily dairy consumption for an adult. With cheddar cheese, you get essential nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin D and potassium.

Some people struggle to eat dairy product as they are lactose intolerance. However, cheddar is a cheese which has low levels of lactose. Even people with a lactose intolerance may be able to enjoy a small amount of cheddar.

Now that you know the health benefits of natural cheddar, let me tell why it is so trendy and affordable.

Most people avoid having processed cheese; they want real food in their meals. Natural cheddar slices have now replaced most processed cheese slices. These cheese slices are popular all over the country, and without a doubt make a great replacement for processed cheeses in burgers and sandwiches.

One significant advantage of real cheese over processed cheese is that it does not have additives, and they have a long shelf life. So, you can buy cheddar cheese in bulk and store it. This makes it affordable because purchasing in bulk can save you money.

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