Great Wines for Pizza Night (Red and White)

All of us love to go to our favorite restaurants and or do binge eating while sitting at home. The majority of us are a pure foodie and every celebration of ours is incomplete without food. Want to celebrate a birthday? Bake a cake. Want to congratulate someone? Throw a party and make food for them, the kind of food they like. For example if that person love Mexican food, either order it or prepare it for them. Along with the food, wine is also seen a lot in events and celebrations. People just love to cheer their drink to express their joy regarding any happy event of their life. The USA is very famous for having wine consumed at a very high rate especially in parties and events.

People are just insane about food and wines. But here comes a problem. People who are foodies and wine lovers too, gets in trouble when they are not able to pair their food with the right kind of wine. The right kind of wine means a wine that can perfectly satisfy the taste they are looking for, to go with the food they are having. We would like to talk about the most loved food that is pizza. Pizza lovers can easily be found at every corner of the world and people love to have wine with pizza. How can they pair their pizza perfectly with wine? We have some tips for them below.

Pick your favorite wine:

You must already be knowing about this tip, but why is this tip considered the most important one while going for pizza and wine pairing? The reason is that many times we forget the basic rule and take it for granted. When you pair a pizza with wine just make sure you pick your favorite wine. Now there is a possibility that the taste of the wine might not go with the flavor of your pizza but in the end, you would love to have it as the wine would be your favorite one. Go for your favorite wine with pizza until you learn the art of pairing both of them together perfectly.

Go as per the toppings:

Pizza is all about the toppings and its crust. People think for hours before deciding the topping of their pizza and all the pizza lovers would understand the reason behind it. We have seen new toppings coming into existence in these past few years. New toppings surely have made the choice of pairing your pizza with the right wine more difficult. We would suggest a few things that will surely be a good guide for you.

-Balance wines having acidic nature with a pepperoni pizza.

-A dry rose would always be the best choice to go with a vegetarian pizza, adding flavor to it.

-A pizza having red meat as its topping should be topped with red wine

-Go for a white wine with a creamy seafood topping on a pizza.

Pizza and wine should be equally intense:

What does the word intense mean here? Intense means extreme strength of anything. An intensity of food means how much extreme degree of flavor that food has. When it comes to a pizza and wine pairing, just make sure you choose both the things as per the intensity of their flavor. You should never let the intensity of the taste of pizza overpower the taste of the wine, for example, a light-bodied wine should never be paired with a flavor of pizza that’s very intense in taste.

Consider the liking of your guests:

When you organize a party so who’s the main focus of it? The majority would answer the guests and that’s the right answer. So why should one not go for the preferences of the guests when organizing a party? The guests we invite are either our friends, relatives, or our closed people and most of the time we know the type of wine they like, so it is always the best option to serve the wine that they like with the choice of their pizza. The guests that you are not familiar with can be given a guideline or options to make it easy to decide the kind of wine they want with their slice of pizza.

Discover new pizza and wine pairings:

Liquor is consumed at a very high rate especially in the USA. All the liquor lovers would agree with this fact that all of us have some go-to restaurants that we are sure about pairing the foods with wine perfectly. You can discover new pizza and wine pairings by taking information from the bartenders there by asking about their customer preferences of wine when they order a pizza for them. This will help you to understand the concept of pairing. The Buy Wine Online offers will help you to order your favorite wine but won’t be of any help in gaining knowledge regarding pairing.

These were a few easy tips that you should follow to perfectly pair your pizza with wine without getting disappointed with the mismatched taste and without compromising on it.