A Sustainable Approach to Gaining Muscle | Breaking Muscle

One of the biggest challenges with working out and leading a healthier lifestyle would be gaining muscle mass.  Even when the numbers on the scale seem to be dropping if you happen to be on a quest to lose weight, it’s the gain of muscle which seems to be a near impossible feat.  But with everything having to do with fitness, goals can be attained with the assistance of the proper nutrition.  While it may not be the only answer to your goal, diet can play a very large role in helping you achieve the body of your dreams.  

Generally speaking, the following three foods have much in common with one another as it pertains to muscle gain and that is protein.  Not just any type of protein, lean protein to be exact.  These proteins contain healthy fats which are conducive to providing your body with the proper nutrients and energy it needs.  


Salmon is not only delicious, easy to make but has an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids.  What is important about omega 3’s is that they can only be provided by consuming foods which contain this nutrient such as fish, certain nuts and seeds.  But why the high emphasis on this specific protein and it’s fatty acid content?  Well for starters, one 3 ounce serving has 17 grams of protein.  Omega 3s are also known to aid in reducing inflammation and muscle soreness.  Ideal specifically when working out in order to gain muscle mass.   

Chicken Breast

Likely a protein that many associate with clean, and healthy eating.  For good reason too, chicken breast is a lean, vitamin rich food which provides 26 grams of protein in a 3 ounce serving.  Since chicken breast is so low in fat content, it is a great source of calories which your body requires without adding in unnecessary fat that your body needs to additionally burn off.  

Greek Yogurt

How is yogurt on this list and not say something hearty like a rib eye steak?  Pure and simple, it’s not always about the quantity, it’s about the quality.  The inclusion of both slow and fast digesting proteins make dairy a great source of protein.  What sets greek yogurt apart is its density and having  approximately double the amount of protein per serving compared to its other yogurt counterparts.  


Not all protein must come from animal based products.  While it is the quickest way to obtain the most amount of protein, it is not the only way.  There are numerous professional and amateur athletes who follow plant based diets where protein must be provided in other formats in order to maintain their optimal performance rates.  Soybeans also provide a healthy dose of vitamin K, iron and phosphorus.  There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to how or what protein you choose to consume, but it is great to know that it can be done without the need to consume animal products if it is not your forte.  

These of course, just a few select high protein options to consider or incorporate into your diet in order to assist you in obtaining the muscle mass you desire.  There are many other varying factors which play a role in helping you achieve what you desire such as genetics and type of workout you are engaging in.  With that being said, following a proper low fat, high protein diet is not going to be the complete solution you seek, but it can most certainly significantly improve your chances.  Whether you live a plant based or carnivorous lifestyle, the options are out there to choose what protein suits your life best.