BROOKLYN, Ohio (WJW) — Bars and restaurants like Hooley House in Brooklyn, did what they could to give the ultimate Super Bowl Sunday experience to customers, within the restrictions of the pandemic.

“To-gos have definitely been taking off recently, you know I think everyone’s still happy that they could be in the comfort of their home and do the Hooley at home,” said Service Manager Elizabeth Lozinak.

That included game day packs with everything from pizza and wings to salad, appetizers and cocktails. 

“I came in today and we had a bunch of preorders ready for tonight,” Lozinak said.

She says take-out has been the bulk of their sales, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t been coming in this football season.

“We’ve also had a good turnout here with the Browns doing good this season so you know it’s sad they couldn’t make it to the Super Bowl.”

But the Chiefs, Buccaneers game was still a win for business and staffing and supplies were increased to make sure customers had their needs met.

“We did order more, we ordered more liquor and everything, so we kinda just want to let everyone have a big Hooley here,” said Lozinak. “We did double up on our staff, we have probably six servers on and we have one of our strongest bartenders on tonight.”

Igloos on the outdoor patio helped to maximize capacity while giving customers a cool view of the game.

Inside, their dining room is spaced out and plastic partitions are up at the bar.

Patrons are able to stay out a little later now with the governor’s curfew extended to 11 pm.

And it could be lifted entirely next week if COVID-19 related hospital admissions stay under 2,500 for seven straight days. That determination will be made on Feb. 11.

“We’re definitely hoping that happens, but we definitely want to see what business is like, you know people might not be comfortable staying out until 2:30 in the morning so we have to go how business currently is.”

But they still expect to see steady business even after football season, something for which they thank their regulars and those who have come this past year.

“We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for everyone coming out, you know, bringing in their family, just having a good time.”