Buy it or make it? Bulk popcorn the old fashioned way versus microwavable  popcorn | Food |

When it comes to popcorn, there are a lot of people out there who can’t get enough. It’s crunchy and delicious and when you add the right toppings on top, popcorn is hard to say no to.

But if you’re one of those people who just loves popcorn so much, you need a popcorn machine in your home to stand the popcorn up so you can snack on it, good news. It’s actually pretty easy to buy popcorn in bulk, which means you’ll have popcorn available when you need it so being satisfied is never an issue.

Save Money

When you buy popcorn wholesale in  Singapore, you’re saving money two ways — you won’t have to buy popcorn at the store, and you won’t have to invest in popcorn machines. Buying popcorn in bulk will give you popcorn for months or even years, depending on how much popcorn you eat in a sitting.


When popcorn is bought in large quantities, it’s easy to just scoop out how much popcorn you want and heat it up on your stove or in your microwave without creating too much waste. When popcorn isn’t bought in bulk, you’re more likely to just give up and go to the movie theater instead.


Buying popcorn wholesale in  Singapore for example, means that you’ll have popcorn available almost all of the time. You can season popcorn however you’d like so it’s very customizable. Popcorn comes in many flavors, shapes, sizes and colors so popcorn can be a snack for almost anyone.


Popcorn is one of those items that is less expensive when bought in bulk. You’ll probably spend less money on popcorn by buying it wholesale than you would if you went to the movie theater every weekend or even just had popcorn once a week at home. The savings can add up quickly if popcorn is bought with other items that are also cheaper when bought in bulk like cheese, cereal, paper products and more.

Healthy Snacking

Popcorn is one of those snacks that’s actually pretty healthy. It’s not fried or covered in salt so it’s rather light on calories. You can season popcorn however you want for a nice, light snack. Popcorn provides fiber and popcorn is popped instead of baked or fried so popcorn tends to be a healthier choice than many snacks.

It may not always seem like popcorn is the cheapest option when you’re looking to buy popcorn because popcorn isn’t always on sale but popcorn does come out to be a great deal when popcorn is purchased in bulk. Popcorn may cost more per ounce than some other snacks but popcorn also has a lot of benefits that other foods just don’t have so popcorn tends to be a better buy for your money.