Tulips bloom for an Iowa rite of passage that commemorates the change in seasons — Tulip Time Festival in Pella is scheduled for May 5-7.

The history of Pella’s Tulip Time

Pella’s Tulip Time festival dates back to 1935 as an impromptu gathering of those with Dutch ancestry. People came together to celebrate their heritage through wearing traditional Dutch costumes, eating Dutch food and participating in Dutch activities such as street scrubbing and coffee time.

Tulip Time celebrates traditional Dutch heritage and tulips, the national flower of the Netherlands. Tulip Time typically occurs when tulips are in full bloom and gives a blissful view as waves of colorful tulips fill your eyes.

Tulip Time 2022 Dates

Tulip Time this year will take place May 5-7 with events and parades throughout the three days.

Where to find tulips in Pella

The city is laden with hundreds of thousands of tulips, but several locations host larger displays and fields of tulips.

The aptly named Tulip Avenue in Central Park and Sunken Garden Park each have thousands of tulips planted to flood the eye with colorful, blooming tulips.

Scholte House Museum & Gardens has more than 35,000 tulips on display along with benches, sculptures and a gazebo for people to rest at and admire the garden once cared for by Maria Scholte, the wife of Pella’s founder Domine Hendrik P. Scholte. Find it at the corner of Main and Broadway streets.