The NFL Super Bowl may not be as special to LA Rams fans as it might have been if the Rams had gotten past the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the Rams may not have a direct interest in the outcome in the game, that’s no reason not to go cheap on the Super Bowl tailgating party.

And Los Angeles is the place to be for the best eats in America. That’s not just our opinion but is the latest article from Best Place to Eat in Every NFL City.  Nothing is quite as enjoyable as fine dining and football. It’s a marriage of senses, the smell, touch, and taste of great dishes, blending with the sights and sounds of the two best teams in the NFL in a winner-take-all outcome.

So what did we find in the article? Well, for starters, the City of Los Angeles scored tops in the entire nation in average restaurant ratings. And that’s not all. The article has a link to an LA Times article about How Los Angeles became America’s best and most exciting food city.   That article had an additional link to the 101 Best Restaurants in LA – 2019.

Of course, the passion for food is nothing new to LA Rams fans.  Sebastian Joseph Day has launched his new YouTube channel Dine-N-Bash. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so now.

On his channel, SJD covers the game of bistros, sandwich shoppers, tacos, hot chicken, and it’s just getting started. Of course, the site should warn anyone not to view videos on an empty stomach, or stomach growling will quickly become loud and unbearable.

Of course, don’t rule out Ramblin Fan from the food culture. When news of no fans in the stands became public, we pulled together our own quick list of must-have’s for Sunday tailgating. However, you decide to cover your table with fine foods, it’s clear that the link between football and food is hardcoded.

So how do the teams of the NFC West grade out?  Per, the order of NFC West teams is as follows:

Team                                  Score            Rank
LA Rams                            4.13              1st
San Francisco 49ers       4.09              3rd
Seattle Seahawks           4.08               5th
Arizona Cardinals            3.68               22nd

And what of quarterback Jared Goff’s new city? Well, he will be playing at the 30th ranked NFL city in terms of restaurants.

Detroit Lions                     3.57  (that’s 30th place)

Of course, the inverse is in effect as well. Quarterback Matthew Stafford has risen from the 30th ranked NFL city in terms of restaurant quality to the top-ranked NFL city. Hopefully, the Rams can slip in some ‘don’t gain weight’ language into his contract before the season starts.