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We all enjoy eating hamburgers with French fries and onion rings. But if you want to be inventive when serving hamburgers, we’ve covered you with some delectable side dishes. Whether you choose a straightforward side dish like a salad or a heated one, you’ll enjoy these selections.

BBQ Baked Beans 

Your burger’s flavorful and smokey flavor goes well with some hearty baked beans. A can of beans can intrigue you, but homemade baked beans with barbecue sauce would be a better option.

Fried Pickles 

You may have sampled some fried pickles as a starter at the Milwaky Trace restaurant, but have you ever eaten them as a side to your burgers? When served with a side of ranch, they become an instant family favorite, and you’ll never be able to make enough. The acidic pickles and the creamy batter flavor make them a great side to your burger.


Think about pairing your mouthwatering grilled burger with a cool and creamy coleslaw dish for a perfect harmony of flavors. The crisp texture and creamy sauce will truly shine with your thick burger. The best part is that cooking is not involved either! Prepare a lovely sauce from mayonnaise, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar and serve it over cabbage and carrots. Also, give it a few hours to cool in the refrigerator for the slaw to absorb the sauce.

Pasta Salad

The light and healthful side of pasta salad pairs wonderfully with the burger’s deep and substantial taste. Your burger will match perfectly with a combination of sour and incredible flavors. Even a vegan burger pairs wonderfully with this side dish! Pasta salad tends to disappear quickly, so prepare a large bowl so that everyone may enjoy some.

Avocado Salad

This light and energizing meal will pair perfectly with your flavorful and meaty burger. Avocados are creamy, like mayonnaise, so adding a variety of other vegetables and some sauce makes it impossible to refuse. This is it if you want a healthy side dish to accompany your burger.


Steamed asparagus is another wholesome option to go with your flavorful burger. Although you could grill, roast, or even bake your asparagus, the best option is to steam it instead. Of course, you can also add some salt, pepper, and a little butter.

Potato Wedges

Since they are essentially thick french fries, pairing them with burgers is a sure thing. The nicest part is that you have to season and prepare them before baking them.

Cob-styled corn

A BBQ wouldn’t be complete without some corn on the cob. Not only does corn on the cob tastes great with burgers, but the preparation time is also excellent. You’ll have perfectly cooked corn in no time if you slather some butter on it and chuck it on the grill.

Onion Rings

Onion rings must come in second to french fries as the standard burger side. It will be difficult not to love a deep-fried ring as your side, even if you don’t like onions. You could even go all out and serve onion rings with remoulade sauce.

Final word

Try these side options for your burger to switch things up slightly.

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