January 28, 2023


Simple Impartial Cooking

Best Recipes for Healthy Aging

Time and time again, science has shown that the Mediterranean diet—and other diets rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and healthy fats—promote anti-aging and healthy bodies and minds. Eating this way is filling and delicious, especially when you have a repertoire of balanced recipes that keep both flavor and health in mind. To promote better eating, start by reducing processed foods; it’s best to keep them to the bare minimum. Limiting dairy and carbs while also boosting your intake of all of those good-for-you foods is another important step you can take. To help, we’ve collected our favorite healthy recipes that just might aid you to live longer and better. What’s more, we’ve included some tips along the way to help you make the right choices while enjoying comforting, easy, and nutritious meals.

First, let’s start with vegetables. Green or not, putting just about any vegetable forefront on the plate is a healthy choice, as all the colors and varieties boast different vitamins and antioxidants. As one of our recipes shows, a satisfying baked sweet potato can be transformed into a meal when topped with black beans and avocado. Another tasty option is a mouthwatering vegetable-forward take on chicken parmesan, which features broccoli and chickpeas. If you want something warming, whip up a batch of creamy but dairy-free coconut-miso mushroom soup. And whatever you do, don’t miss out on a collard green side or a pomegranate relish that literally bursts with flavor—both complement pretty much any meal. 

While fat hasn’t always been on the good list, science has brought us right back to enjoying it. Just make sure you pick the right fats. Opt for ones that support our brains, healthy weight, and sustain fullness such as avocado and olive oil—go ahead and finish any dish with a drizzle of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil.

Eating the right amount of protein is another important part of a healthy diet. Go with the healthiest sources of protein, such as fish, legumes, and poultry. Our vegetarian weeknight chili recipe is a fantastic protein-rich plant-based main. As for fish, make sure to try wild salmon with the Romanesco pilaf (wild has more nutrients and omegas than farmed salmon will). Our whole roasted branzino is another delicious option, and this recipe will prove to you just how easy it is to cook seafood at home.

This is just a foray into the variety of dishes you can enjoy while fueling your body, mind, and general health. Now peruse our recipes for delicious meals and sides ideas.