The Douglassville Hotel was ordered to close last week for violating state COVID-19 restrictions.

It was one of two restaurants included in a weekly list of restaurants ordered to close, with the other being the Agape Cafe and Grille in Lancaster County.

The hotel at 8 Old Swede Road, Douglass Township, is the latest of several Berks restaurants ordered to close for violating COVID-19 restrictions.

Alvin Millisock, who has owned hotel for the past 11 years, said he is trying to comply with state COVID rules as best he can. But he feels restaurants and hotels are being treated unfairly.

“It seems hotels and restaurants aren’t getting any help from the government at all,” he said. “Zero. Nothing.”

Millisock said his business has been struggling since the pandemic took hold, and having to deal with all sorts of rules and regulations is making things worse. He complained that other businesses — like convenience stores and grocery stores — appear to be operating on less stringent rules.

“You can go to Wawa and it’s completely full,” he said. “You can go to Redner’s and it’s the same thing.”

Millisock said enforcement of COVID-19 rules is putting the livelihood of restaurant owners at risk.

Millisock said the hotel was found in violation because people were continuing to drink alcohol after finishing their meals. Despite the state order, the restaurant has not shut down.

The state Department of Agriculture issues a list each week of restaurants ordered to close the previous week.

According to the department, the closure orders were issued after inspections found that the restaurants were violating rules such as capacity limits, mask requirements and only serving alcohol as part of a meal. Restaurants were ordered to close if they refused to correct violations while an inspector was present.

Restaurants are permitted to reopen after agreeing to comply.

A total of 669 inspections were done across the state last week, with 19 of those based on COVID-19 complaints from the public.

Most of those were ordered closed for violating a now-expired temporary order that banned indoor dining.

Some restaurants that have been ordered to close for violating COVID-19 restrictions, including some in Berks, have refused to do so. The state has petitioned the Commonwealth Court for an injunction and damages against some of the restaurants.