An Update from Joy – Joy the Baker

Hi friends! Thanks for letting me pop into your Saturday. What are you up to this weekend? If I were to guess the goodness of your life, I’d say you’re putting an elf on a shelf, drying oranges slices into ornaments, and going for an epic no-budget Trader Joe’s run.

Since I have a habit of sharing my life in addition to recipes for nearly 15 years running, and since life is undeniably Everything All At Once™,  I thought you could accept a bit of personal news into your heart. I’m recovering from surgery this weekend and likely, for the next few weeks. In my never ending saga of living with a uterus… well, it needed some maintenance of the laparoscopic variety.  If you ever want to talk about fibroids and endometriosis instead of cookies, lemme know.

I’ll need some recovery time as we close up this year but I can’t leave you high and dry this holiday season. In addition to the incredible team of Abby, Kim, and Toby, you’ll hear some new voices here over the next few weeks.  We’re all friends here and I hope you welcome a few new folks and new recipes with open arms and preheated ovens.  I’ll still be here, and we’ll bake a few cookies and close out the year together with those plastic 2023 glasses.

If I could submit one humble offering this season, it’s that you make a batch of  Homemade Spiked Eggnog. That’s eggnog from scratch which – essentially drinks like melted ice cream.

If you’re in the market for lil holiday gifts, I love these thoughts on Stocking Stuffers and these thoughts on White Elephant Gifts.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I appreciate that you’re here and I’ll brb. xo


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