1000-lb BEST FRIENDS star Vanessa Cross SCREAMED at her pal Meghan Crumpler during a hula-hoop workout that spun out of control.

Meghan said she feared she’d ‘have to bury’ her BFF during the heated moment.

Vanessa Cross screamed at Meghan Crumpler on the 1000-lb Best Friends premiere


Vanessa Cross screamed at Meghan Crumpler on the 1000-lb Best Friends premiereCredit: TLC
Meghan said she wanted her BFF to 'take accountability' and didn't want to 'bury' her


Meghan said she wanted her BFF to ‘take accountability’ and didn’t want to ‘bury’ herCredit: TLC

TLC’s 1000-lb Best Friends premiered on February 7, 2022 with an outdoors exercise that was no walk in the park for Vanessa.

Vanessa, 42, and her BFF Meghan, 43 met for a hula-hoop workout which saw both besties don purple hula hoops with a ball-shaped weight attached.

“Stand there and look cute,” Meghan instructed, whom devised the diet-friendly concept.

“Well thats a given,” Vanessa joked.

But things quickly went south as Vanessa struggled with her hoop.

“It only went because I spun it,” Vanessa tearfully said – getting more heated.

“Shut the f*** up for a G*d Damn second,” she yelled.

Meghan, who is the thinner of the two having successfully had bariatric surgery, was emotionally exacerbated in confessional.

“It’s not my fault she’s overweight, she needs to take accountability for herself.

It makes me so angry. I just want to shake her and say, ‘What is it going to take? I don’t want to bury you.'”

“Come and get this f***king thing off me,” Vanessa then yelled about the purple hoop she wore.

“That’s not okay,” Vanessa cried as she sat on a stump and began to cough. “I wanna be better, I wanna feel better, I don’t want to hurt after five minutes of exercise.”

“The point is you’re tryin'” Meghan consoled. “Up until last year [before her surgery] I was more than you.”

“I’m jealous of the fact that she did it,” Vanessa said in confessional.

Vanessa lost her cool while hula hooping


Vanessa lost her cool while hula hooping


“Oh sh*t…. #1000lbfriends,” one Twitter user wrote as the friend fight broke out.

“Can’t they think of any other exercise? How about walking in a pool?” wrote another, critiquing the workout choice.

“Vanessa is giving Tammy vibes,” wrote a third – referring to their sister show.


1000-lb Best Friends is a reality show from TLC focused on the weight loss journeys of Meghan, Vanessa – and their two friends and support systems Ashley and Tina.

At their heaviest, Vannessa and Meghan’s weight combined was a total of 1,000 pounds, according to In Touch.

However, as the heavier Vanessa explained on their effort to both have bariatric weight loss surgery:

“Meghan got the surgery, but I didn’t.”

Last year, on Discovery+’s Too Large, famed surgeon Dr. Charles Procter – who helped Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters – performed surgery on Meghan to help her lose weight.

Meghan went from 500 pounds to, at the start of episode one, 330 pounds.

Vanessa didn’t qualify for the surgery and is now the larger of the two – who met in elementary school in Georgia – at 444 pounds.

“I was actually being bullied and picked on real bad. Meghan came along and became my best friend,” Vanessa said on the TLC show.

The show will chronicle their respective attempts to lose more weight.

Viewers can catch the new show on Monday nights at 10pm ET on TLC, as well as with a Discovery+ membership.

1000-Lb Best Friends' Vanessa Cross screamed at Meghan Crumpler


1000-Lb Best Friends’ Vanessa Cross screamed at Meghan CrumplerCredit: TLC
Meghan said she 'fears she'll have to bury' her BFF


Meghan said she ‘fears she’ll have to bury’ her BFFCredit: TLC
The pair are the centerpiece of TLC's new show 1000-lb Best Friends


The pair are the centerpiece of TLC’s new show 1000-lb Best FriendsCredit: TLC

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