MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The pain at the pump is getting worse by the day.

As gas prices continue to race up, AAA says the average price of regular gas in Mobile broke a record Thursday at $4.29

“Honestly makes me not want to work sometimes because sometimes I’m losing money not making money,” said Andrew Sullivan, a delivery driver for Dapper Deliveries.

With gas prices over $4 a gallon in the city, it is costing him at least $60 right now to fill up his tank.

“Sometimes it’s hard to make a profit because a lot of people don’t tip higher than they did before so I’m not making as much as I was when gas prices were a lot lower,” Sullivan said.

The record-breaking gas prices are not only costing food delivery drivers cash, but also Dapper Deliveries. They say they are having trouble getting good drivers because some people do not want to drive while pump prices are high. To encourage people to work they are giving a supplement to help out.

“Give them 20 bucks for cash at the beginning of the shift and paying them more to take orders because we deliver throughout the entire city of mobile so we might have food going from Olive Garden on Airport all the way up to Semmes,” said James Larson, Dapper Deliveries Operations’ Manager.

Delivery drivers are dreaming about the day gas prices drop significantly.

“I was hoping it would keep going down whenever it got to $3.70 plus,” Sullivan said.

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