Try Our 30-Minute One-Pot Spicy Sausage Soup Recipe

Homemade soup that is well worth 30 minutes of your time.

Our 30-Minute Spicy Sausage Soup is sure to warm you up on a cool evening!

Some days (or nights) just call for soup! Whether you’ve got a craving for something savory, or need a meal that’s going to warm you up, soup is the perfect option. We’re not about that canned soup life here at SkinnyMs., so, we make our own from scratch. Before you think it’s going to be a long, drawn-out process, let me assure you that this savory and spicy sausage soup only takes a half-hour to prepare! Judging by its flavor and how nutritious it is, we say it’s definitely worth the effort!

A 30-Minute, One-Pot Meal

This 30-minute meal is perfect for busy weeknights!

This spicy sausage soup is an excellent option on busy weeknights because it’s simple and stress-free. Not only is it a 30-minute recipe, but it’s also a one-pot meal! A quick (and delicious) dinner with easy clean-up? What’s not to love about that?

The steps to making this soup are incredibly simple. You can even do a lot of the prep ahead of time (like dicing up all the veggies) to save yourself time once you’re ready to cook. 

Begin by heating about a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add in the yellow onion, garlic, carrots, celery, green bell pepper, and zucchini. Saute this veggie mixture for three minutes. Next, add the spicy Italian sausage, Italian herbs, and red chili flakes to the pot and cook for approximately five minutes, breaking up the sausage as you stir. Once you add in the diced tomatoes, black pepper, chicken broth, russet potatoes, and kale, bring the soup to a simmer for around 15 minutes. When the potatoes are tender, you’ll know it’s ready to eat!

Bowl Full of Nutrients

This savory and spicy soup recipe is loaded with a wide range of veggies!

Our spicy sausage soup provides a lower-calorie way to satisfy your cravings for hot comfort food. While sausage isn’t necessarily the leanest source of protein, this sausage soup beats out many other options when it comes to classic comfort foods. Each serving contains fewer than 450 calories and offers 20 grams of protein. 

Plus, this homemade option is packed with fresh vegetables that offer your body a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The long list of veggies ranges in health benefits including but not limited to: reduced risk of heart disease, increased immune health, better digestion, blood sugar and weight management, and so much more! If you need help getting more vegetables into your diet, this sausage and potato soup is a wonderful way to do so!

Best Ways to Serve this Tasty Soup

Enjoy this soup for dinner and then again for lunch the next day!

This tasty soup can serve as a starter course, or it can star as the main meal! Enjoy it for dinner on a cool night, or meal prep it for a week of yummy lunches. It’s great leftover, and because it makes six servings, chances are good that it will provide you with more than one meal. 

While it’s perfectly filling on its own, we understand that you may need a little bit more. Consider pairing this spicy sausage soup with one of these yummy bread recipes. They can help you soak up all that yummy liquid!

If you try this spicy sausage soup, share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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