5 Top Tips Every Custom Cake Client Should Know - Anges de Sucre

When you’re ordering a custom cake in Singapore, timing is everything. If you wait too long to place your order, you may not get the cake you want.

It’s no secret that custom cakes are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many people are choosing to order custom cakes for everything from birthdays and weddings to holiday celebrations and business events. But if you’re planning to order a custom cake, it’s important to remember that timing matters.

Here are some crucial reasons why timing is key when ordering a custom cake in Singapore.

1. The cake has to be planned.

When it comes to celebrating life’s most special moments, a customised cake is your best bet. The beauty of these cakes is that they can be tailored for any occasion or preference–whether you’re looking for birthday cakes on anniversaries cake and simply something unique! But with such flexibility also comes complexity- ensuring the end result turns out exactly how we imagine requires careful planning and execution.

When it comes to designing a cake, there is no one-size fits all approach. The baker will have speak with you and use their own techniques in turning your design into reality; they may employ different techniques for example base baking (the first round) which can take some time before moving onto sculpting designs on top of another layer or several cakes depending upon how big the final product should be made out like this could require more than just making something cute but actually artistic as well!

2. Your design may need several cake bases.

When making a custom cake, it takes at least one hour to cool before they can be decorated. The steps include slicing and shaping or soaking in syrup for additional flavour – which also require more hours of work! Sometimes even overnight is required just so that the dessert will taste perfect on your special day.

Cakes are a crucial part of any celebration and should be cooked to perfection. Undercooked cakes will become soggy if you serve them, while overcooked ones can turn hard or rubbery after being cut into pieces. This would not make for good food at your event because it’s the last thing people want when they’re in such a hurry.

3. Frosting takes not just hours-but days to complete!

You might think that a cake is complete once it’s been cut and decorated, but in reality, the process doesn’t stop there. It takes time to decorate each layer of your masterpiece before you can move on – up until several days if required for larger cakes!

When it comes to frosting and other cake decorations, the environment matters. Fondants won’t stick if applied with adhesive because of hotter temperatures in humid weather or during summertime when there’s more moisture in air than usual

The bakers and their assistants work in controlled environmental conditions, but they cannot do all of the tasks 24/7. They need to rest too, otherwise it would wear them out!

4. Bakers handle other clients too.

Cake shops handle several clients at a time, not just you. So unless you hired an in-house baker to work on your cake, bear in mind that your baker can only handle your order for a few hours a day, as they have to dedicate the rest of their working hours on other clients too.