Photo credit: Courtesy of Brand

Photo credit: Courtesy of Brand

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You know you’re getting old when you’re given a frying pan for your birthday and it’s exactly what you had been hoping for. That was the case for me when my best friend surprised me with the Insta-famous Caraway frying pan this past January.

Like many of you, being at home more often led me to cook more than I would have pre-pandemic. Before, I was your run-of-the-mill NYC gal: I frequently dined out, ordered in through UberEats, or relied on my nearby mother for her home-cooked meals (thanks, mom!). The most I would have done was boil a pot of pasta, pour a nice dollop of the Rao’s Arrabbiata jarred sauce over my dish, and call it a day. But because I was stuck in my apartment a lot of the time, I decided to start experimenting in the kitchen and put my pots and pans to use.

At first, I relied on cheaply-made non-stick frying pans that all had many faults. Things weren’t cooking evenly and browning the way I would have liked; food came out greasy because I needed to use more oil to keep the pans slick; and their non-stick surface wore off quickly, leaving me spending heck of a lot of time hovered over the sink scrubbing away any residue. A chore I detest.

So you can only imagine how happy I was to receive a brand spanking new pan from Caraway Cookware. And let me tell you, it’s only been three months, and I can confirm the frying pan lives up to its hype.

The much-buzzed-about brand is known for its sleek, eco-friendly cookware offerings that come in six stunning, earth tone shades (mine is in sage) that look aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen. Unlike many other options on the market, the game-changing skillet has a non-toxic, ceramic-coated surface that doesn’t leach chemicals into food. It has a naturally slick surface, which means it’s slippery enough to scramble eggs, sauté veggies, and make stir-fries with just a dash of oil. Oh, and post-cooking cleanup, you ask? It’s a dream: just one scrub of the soapy sponge will legitimately leave your pan spotless. What also makes the frying pan great is it’s functionality. Not only can you use it on a gas, electric, and induction stovetop, but the pan can safely cook at 550 degrees in the oven too.

Don’t get me wrong: now that life is slowly but surely returning to a sense of normalcy, I have resorted back to my old ways of grabbing a bite out or picking up take-out more often. But on days when I just want to quickly whip something together at home without leaving a mess behind, I know that this hassle-free pan will come to the rescue. So, who’s coming over for dinner next?

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