COLLEGE STATION, Texas — When it comes to taking mom out for mother’s day there are a variety of options to choose from in Bryan and College Station. Here in Downtown Bryan, we take you to Ronin.

In the heart of Downtown Bryan, Ronin brings the farm to your table, bringing a fresh variety of meats and dishes. Owner Amanda Light says the restaurant brings a unique taste to the city.

“What we feel makes our restaurant special is we have our farm located 7 miles away from our restaurant where we raise pigs, chickens, vegetables.” Said the Ronin Owner.

“[From the Farm being] 10 minutes from here, [it is] brought to the restaurant that same day and on the plates of the guests that night.” Light explained “There’s a difference in taste and nutrient density that you can’t fake.”

Established in 2018 Ronin has made a mark in the community as it was one of 31 restaurants in Bryan and College Station to be featured in a cookbook highlighting the community’s best places to eat, titled ‘The best of Aggieland’.

“This book is a tribute to this community.” Said Elkeles “We have some amazing restaurants in Aggieland and it was really important to give these restaurants and bars locally some exposure.” Said the author. “People need to understand there is an amazing culinary scene here.”

“My daughter is a sophomore at Texas A&M, we came here and knew nothing.” Explained Elkeles. “[I asked my daughter] where are some of the places you like to go? What can we do to help this community?” Elkeles continued. “This community embraced her as an Aggie, so we wanted to do something that specifically ensured this community continues to grow.”

Owners like Amanda Light say they are honored to serve this Aggie community – especially being an Aggie herself.

“It’s a happy accomplishment, it makes the work we do at the farm and the restaurant worthwhile. our team of people that contribute to make Ronin what it is, spends a lot of time with their heart and soul into the restaurant and is a wonderful way to showcase our hard work.”

From the farm-to-table restaurant in Downtown Bryan, we bring you to 1860 Italia for an Italian cuisine.

Located driving into College Station, 1860 Italia chef and owner Johnny Poché says he brings quality in Italian dining straight to your table.

“Some chefs are guarded with their recipes – everything has already been done.” Explained Chef Poché. “What better way to share the recipes? Here at 1860 everything is meant to be shared.”

Chef Poché says the idea of opening the restaurant was established on a hunting trip in Canada with a few of the now business partners.

“1860 started in 2015 with two of my partners Jeremy Scott and John Harvey Slocum. We had a cook in-camp and sent her home [so] they let me cook, the rest of the time they were there.”

Explained Poché “On a handshake deal they said if you ever want to open a restaurant, you can. We get the first right of refusal I said “Okay” – Here we are now it’s been a year and a half.”

And a year established in the College Station community, Poché says he was promised business from the start.

“John and Jeremy made me a promise – if you come to College Station and Bryan that they will fill the restaurant and little did I know they would more than fill it – we are packed! Especially with those two guys and the relationships they have in this town.”

Business partner and Son of Former Texas A&M football Coach R.C Slocum, says it’s a blessing to see this restaurant thrive from a handshake in 2015.

“It’s a blessing the way the community has received 1860, with Tamar [Elkeles] promoting this book it’s a blessing to be a part of that, she has done an amazing part to bring more Aggies to this town.” Explained Slocum.

From drinks to their signature dishes the team at 1860 Italia hopes to serve you in College Station very soon!

1860 Italia, Ronin and 31 other restaurants are all featured in The Best of Aggieland

Pick up a copy at local restaurants including 1860 Italia and Aggieland Outfitters in-store and online. In the link below: