From classic barbecue and traditional Southern Mexico seafood dishes to authentic lu Mien cuisine, the food options at the Midtown Farmer’s Market are going to hit the taste buds in unique and different ways.

The Midtown Association recently announced the 2022 recipients for its “Street Food Sacramento” grant program. This year is the second round of grants being given out.

According to the association’s website, recipients get over $11,000 in valued help/resources from the association and their partners. This includes having a place to sell their food at the Midtown Farmers Market for an entire year, marketing support, social media support, technical assistance, and other resources.

“The reason that we’ve called this program ‘Street Food Sacramento’ is that when I think of traveling to other areas, whether it’s other cities, other states, other countries, I always think about the incredible foods that you have from different street vendors,” said Emily Baime Michaels, executive director of the Midtown Association. “Whether you’re having something maybe that’s brought to you on a beach area or you’re in the middle of a city and you find that really incredible vendor stall. Our thought here is to bring all of the free food from other cultures and other countries out into Midtown.”

Those who received the grant were: 

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