SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Restaurants have been battling to stay afloat amid COVID-19 restrictions and the new Savorite App is hoping to give them the boost they need now that stay-at-home orders have been lifted. Diners have the option of finding last minute deals while giving restaurant owners the power to offer up to 50% discounts on certain foods and services. Diners just download the app and scan for food that looks good to them and cash in on the deal. 

“The idea just came to help restaurants fill and target their slow times. When restaurants have spare tables, those tables are contributing zero to their bottom line,” said Savorite’s CEO and co-founder Jason Cabildo. “At the same time restaurant owners are still having to pay rent, staff, utilities, just to keep the lights on.”

The app gives business owners the tools needed to not only target specific times to get people through their doors but offers diners a variety of ways they can cash in on the deal whether that’s dine-in or to-go. Cabildo says safety continues to be top of mind when trying to get customers through restaurants doors. The pandemic has ravaged owners’ abilities to cater to loyal and dedicated customers as they normally would, while also preventing them from being able to bring in new customers due to restrictions on dining. 

“With Savorite we wanted to give them easy to use tool that allows them to instantly share discounts to help incentivize people to come in to dine during those certain times of the day when they need them most,” Cabildo said. “It’s really simple and easy to use, if a customer likes what they see the customer claims their deal right through their phone and they show up to the restaurant and simply redeem it.”

The app launched in October and has seen success so far even amidst the pandemic. Feb. 1-12 has been declared Savorite’s Food Fest where diners can support local businesses across San Diego with some of the best deals yet.

“Obviously with the pandemic there were a lot of changes that needed to be made and we’ve had to pivot a lot especially to find safe ways to give our local restaurants tools to get people back,” Cabildo said. “But with empty tables and spare hours they’re not getting any contribution so obviously with Savorite it’s a simple easy to use tool.”

Cabildo said the app is designed to offer different deals by day and availability, so downloading to your phone is the best way to track what’s being offered. If you’re a business owner wanting to offer your own discounts to get diners back inside just head to: