A rice cooker can be one very handy and healthy kitchen gadget, especially if you like to make and eat a lot of rice. It works by bringing the liquid in rice to a boil very quickly. So, you are not just saving your labor, but time as well. As the rice cooker environment remains sealed, it helps in reducing air pressure over liquid so that it can boil a lot faster.

A temperature sensor is placed within the machine, whose main work is to monitor the heat inside the cooker. So, when it starts to rise above the 212 degree F mark, it means the rice has completely absorbed the liquid. The cooker will then turn off automatically to its warm setting. The entire process will make around 20 minutes or less than that, depending on the amount of rice you have.

Make sure to read the instructions:

Whether you are using the Commercial product or the residential one, be sure to read the instructions of the cooker thoroughly before you start using the gadget. The manufacturing unit has developed this instruction for your specified rice cooker model. So, following the steps as mentioned in the instruction manual will ensure that you get a picture-perfect result all the time.

Different outcomes are readily available:

Always remember that not all rice grains are the same. Therefore, different textures will produce multiple outcomes when properly prepared in the rice cooker. For example, you have sticky rice or the Arborio rice with loads of starch in them. So, this starch will highly blanch and has the tendency to produce sticky rice. So, such rice grains will be stickier and less fluffy.

Then you have the long grain one, which will be completely fluffy and not sticky at all because of its amylose or a starch molecule, which is straight and long. This molecule will not get tangled up with any other molecules when the rice cooks. The modern and feature loaded rice cooker will ensure to set up the temperature setting accordingly, based on the kind of rice you are preparing. So, you will get quality products in the end.

A perfect healthy alternative:

Generally, people have the misconception that an electric cooker is not healthy to cook rice, but it is just a myth. Instead, cooking rice in a cooker will help you save a great deal of time, energy and gas price as well. So, get one for your use now!