ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – “Tuesday is usually, like one of our busiest days,” said Jack It Up Vegan Eats Owner Terrell Washington. Unfortunately, for Terrell Washington and other local food truck vendors, this Tuesday was the opposite of busy. The heat wave and expected storms forced Food Truck Tuesday at Nicholas Conservatory, to cancel for the second time this summer.

“It was 100 degrees, which means it’s probably like 120 on the truck and so that’s not a very safe situation for staff,” said Veebo’s Woodfire Pizza Truck Owner Ryan Vybrony.

Fortunately for Stateline chef Vyborny, he says his pizza joint can freeze their dough to use for the next day. Some other vendors handle food that often can’t be frozen.

“If we cook a lot of food, it tends to go to waste and things of that nature, if it is cancelled,” said Terrell.

That’s why Terrell and other vendors say they have back up locations for customers so the food doesn’t go to waste. In fact, Terrell’s mother who owns Jolly Wow’s Barbecue, brings her truck to a local gas station.

“There’s other places people are calling and telling me to bring the truck,” said Jolly Wows Food Truck Owner Bettina Washington. “So I have backups.”

Despite the heat, Washington stays cooking. All three owners say they biggest reason the cancellation is disappointing, is because of their passion with food. They believe there’s nowhere better to do that than Food Truck Tuesday.

“When I’m cooking, that just gives me a super natural high,” said Bettina.

“Seeing the people’s faces when they taste the food,” said Terrell.

“We have a really pretty tight-knit community,” said Vyborny.

The food truck owners say social media has been helpful connecting customers, on where they can pick up their eats on days when there are cancellations.

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