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Beer is one of the famous alcoholic drinks that have nutritious abilities. Beer is made from fermented starch, mostly barley malt, to which other substances are added to give it the beer taste and flavour. Beer also helps in reducing stress, strengthens bones and prevents kidney stones. Like other alcoholic drinks, beer has its type. These types are Ale, Lager, Porter, Stout, Blonde Ale, Brown ales, Pale Ale, India pale Ale, wheat, pilsner and Sour Ale. Every country has its way of ingredients for producing quality beers, and one of the countries has big companies in the UK. Below are the popular brewery companies in Britain.

Mad squirrel

It is one of the best beer breweries in the UK. It is based on the outskirts of London, just adjacent to Chiltern Hills. According to this brewery profile, it creates new ideas to produce excellent and sweet beer; thus, they are very innovative in making what the customers like. It was founded in 2010, and its name was changed from Red Squirrel to Mad Squirrel, where it produces cask ales and dark beers. It has grown and nowadays is producing contemporary beers that are modern and of high demand. The company has received awards for producing quality beers.

JP Brew

The brewery emerged in 2017; by this time, they had just opened the company to try to mix different flavours to create contemporary drinks that would overtake other beer brands such as traditional ones. The beer company maximizes on British ingredients to make its products more local. So its mission was to ‘make it British’ as its marketing strategy states. The company is associated with other companies such as British malt to make lagers and beers popular in the UK. The company is located in London.


Checking on the statistics and beer ratings, meantime brewery is the company that has won awards at the world’s beer cup. It also remains one of the mysterious companies that have been able to close beer bottles with wood corks that are primarily used in champagne. Apart from that, the company’s kinds of stuff have been very innovative, and they were the first to produce fair-trade beer. The beer company was established in 1999 and received a world award in 2004. It is one of the biggest brewery companies in the UK, with branches in other countries. According to customer complaints and reviews companies, buyers rank it as one of the best beer providers in the UK.

Magic Rock Brewing

As the name suggests, this drink can be accompanied by a magic feeling when watching football, partying, and desserts preference. This company is one of the ranked beer breweries in the UK. It is one of the family businesses that are well managed. It is an independent company that displays different beer flavours to the market to satisfy a wide range of customers. Their beers are packed presentably with happy drawings to attract customers that appreciate the excellent presentation of food and beverage industry. It emerged in 2011, and its inspiration came from traditional beers before it was founded.  

Bowman Ales

This is another company that has been winning awards due to the production of quality beers. It emerged in 2006 and has grown gradually to sell a large amount of beer in Britain. As people have different tastes, it is the same as how beer companies produce different flavours to gain a wide range of customers. Bowman’s company produces these categories of beer: Meon Valler bitter, swift one, IPA, Swift One and Black Drop.  

Bradfield Brewery

It is another family-based business that has succeeded in Britain market. They use spring water from their borehole and other natural ingredients to create quality and taste beers of different flavours. It was founded in 2009, and since it has won several awards that have put the company among the best-selling beer companies in the UK. 

Robinson’s Brewery

As the society believes that the old it is, the quality products it produces, Robinsons brewery is one of the independent breweries that was started in the early 18 century. It is one of the biggest and oldest companies in the beer business. It has stayed longer in the production of beer due to its innovative workers who have brought forth ideas and maximized the uniqueness of the high-quality beer brands. It has won awards and is still gaining huge sales.

Theakston Brewery

Theakston is also an old company founded in the early 18 century, such as Robinson’s brewery. They have stayed longer in the business due to their uniqueness in producing different flavours of beers. It is a family business with a long experience in beer production and marketing.

Beer is used chiefly due to its psychoactive effects on the body. It also helps in some significant body malfunctioning, such as heart diseases. However, excessive use of alcohol is harmful to everyone’s health. To buy the best beer brands, check beer brands in online shops such as beerwulf uk.