While looking around at some of the cakes in the bakeries, we often wonder why someone would have ordered such a cake. The design or formation or flavor combination of the cake just feels pity. Well, you never know that these cakes can be super delectable. Today we bring you some of the weirdest or unusual cakes from across the world that is delicious in taste.

Castagnaccio, Italy

This traditional Italian chestnut cake is set up with chestnut flour, rosemary, olive oil, raisins, and sometimes pine nuts. The recipe doesn’t require some other kind of flour or sugar, making this cake without gluten and sugar free delicacy. Some of the varieties also use other dried fruits, but the look of the cake is unique in any case.

Zuccotto, Italy

Zuccotto is a well-known Italian cake believed to have originated in Florence. It is prepared by arranging mellowed ladyfingers or a sponge cake around the shape to make the casing of the cake, while the middle is loaded up with a flavorful, creamy filling. At last, the cake is turned upside down before serving. It is believed that the unordinary appearance of this cake was intended to look like the popular dome of the Florence Cathedral.

Sekacz, Poland

Known as šakotis in Lithuania and sękacz in Poland, this popular tree cake is an important piece of traditional Lithuanian and Polish cuisine. Arranged with a thick batter which is consistently poured over a turning horizontal spit, the cake is gradually baked in the oven, or traditionally over an open fire.

Kutsinta, Philippines

Kutsinta is a yummy Filipino cake made with glutinous rice flour, lye water, and brown sugar. The blend is steamed in little round molds and it is generally served topped with coconut drops. These chewy cakes are normally mixed with food shading or annatto seeds so as to accomplish their ordinary dim brown colour.

Dirt Cake, USA

Dirt cake is a no-bake cake made with Oreo cookies, pudding, and whipped cream on top. The name of the dish alludes to the way that the cake has an unpleasant, chaotic, and messy look. Generally, gummy worms are put on the top of the cake alongside the whipped cream, to give it a great unusual look.

Samoborska Kremšnita, Croatia

Samoborska Kremšnita is a famous cake from the Croatian town of Samobor. It comprises two layers of puff cake that are loaded up with custard cream. A slight layer of whipped cream is generally placed on the top of the custard. The entire cake is then dusted with powdered sugar, and before serving, the cake is cut into cubes.

Far Breton, France

Far Breton is a popular French cake: a custard flan cake like clafoutis, consisting of milk, flour, eggs, raisins, and prunes. The cake is a specialty of the Brittany locale, and the first recipe goes back to the eighteenth century, when it was made in a flavorful form and was utilized to eat along with meat dishes.

So, these were 7 unusual yet delicious cakes from around the world. The flavour combination and the texture of these cakes is something that will surely leave you surprised. So, while looking for an online birthday cake, try to find such unusual and delectable cakes for the birthday party to make your celebrations awesome and unique. Goodbye! Have a great day!

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