A raw food diet involves vegetables and fruits that mainly include unprocessed food with a whole plant-based diet and mostly organic foods. These foods are the best when eaten raw and provide extra health benefits that are extremely valuable for the body. 

Switching to raw food can also be beneficial to weight loss and weight reduction. A raw diet has great nutritional value and the flavours are not compromised as well. Here are 4 foods that are best when consumed raw:


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Onions are great when eaten raw. They have multiple health benefits that promote a healthy heart. Raw onions are great for the health of your liver as well. They are best when consumed raw. It can be eaten in the form of salad with your regular meals.


Usually despised at every household, broccoli is great and an amazing superfood that has multiple health benefits and nutritional value. They are best when consumed raw as they are loaded with potassium and contain a rich compound that gets depleted when cooked. This helps in the reduction of the thyroid hormone. 


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Coconut water or even coconut as a whole food is considered nutritional as they are too loaded with potassium, magnesium and sodium. The high levels of electrolytes instantly energize you and boost your energy levels. Hence, they are considered a sports drink for athletes to give them instant energy.


Roasted nuts or salted nuts might take away all the nutrition from the nuts. Hence, they are best when eaten raw. Nuts are peaked with several nutrition and vitamins that great for the overall health of your body and provide additional Iron and magnesium in your body.

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